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We are a Website Design and Video Editing Company based in New York City. Staying on the competitive edge, we have comparison prices and give you personal service. Unlike big website companies, our small size enables us to work more closely with our customers and give them exactly what they need and want. In today's economy everyone is trying to stay financially stable. That is why at MSM we are sensitive to the hard times and keep our prices low in comparison to others.

  • Designing a website can be a lot of work, but we do everything for you from start to finish. From securing hosting and a domain name, to designing logos and banners, making slideshows, forms and implementing other necessary documents that you need, we are a one stop super shop for website design.

  • Video Editing is also a ton of work. A 3 minute DVD could take hours of editing and creative thought. We have all the software and hardware to turn your movies into DVD sensations.

Feel free to browse through our website to get more information on how we can help you!

Your business and recommendation to others is important to us. We look forward in working with you!
About Multiple Streams Media

JP Unlimited LLC had a vision in 2006 to take our creative gifts and share them with the world! Through word of mouth, and being at the top of the google search engine for awhile, we secured corporate, small business and personal clientele. Now we are bringing it to another level!

We expanded our business and developed a new company
Multiple Streams Media where we are able to take website design and video editing to our customers. With our cutting edge technology, we are able to stay amongst our competitors with comparable prices. Netcom certified in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax PHP and MySql, experience in Adobe products, MAC and PC and a Master's Education we are able to stay on top of the competitive market.

Presently we are working on quite a few projects and have room for a couple more! So why not send us an email today to see how we can meet your creative needs!
Web Design

We are on a mission to create memorable websites for our clients. Your website will have our personal touch and will be created just to your satisfaction!

Websites can be used for more then just a storefront for a business!

View our Web Folio

You can use a website for:

  • Your business (for you or your company)
  • An online resume
  • An online Portfolio
  • For your home business or hobby
  • Advertise a party or event
  • Making an announcement
  • Displaying photos or video footage from a vacation or other special event
  • So much more!

Trying to figure out where to start or what to do next? Read our tips that we have put together for you to think about - regardless if you chose us or not (but we hope you do!)
Video Editing - Turn your videos into a movie production!

Everyone has video footage in their closet, cupboard or still sitting in your video camera that you do not know what to do with? Send us your video footage (in any format) and we will create a movie for you!  With or without your guidance, our experts will create a DVD with menus, editing all of your footage into a DVD that all your friends and family will greatly enjoy!  This service includes 2 fully labelled DVDs. 

Ideas (not limited to):
* Vacations
* Weddings and honeymoons
* Parties and Events
* Athletic tapes to give college coaches
* And more!

Video Editing Rates

Each project is priced on a case by case basis.Variables include (but not limited to)

  1. How long is the footage to be edited?
  2. How long do you want the final project to be?
  3. Do you want a menu (like DVDs)?
  4. Do you want music to be added?
  5. Do you want captions/headings throughout video, or do you want it left blank?
  6. How many copies do you want in the end?
  7. What time frame are you looking at receiving this? (please note, rush services are more expensive)
Other MSM Services

erhaps you do not need a website designed but are just looking for all the other services?

We are a proud reseller of
GoDaddy web services with some lower rates! If you use MSM for your web needs, you have access to 24 hour support as well as a vast array of web services such as domain names, email marketing, web hosting and so much more! Visit our hosting, domain name and other services! (a new browser will open).

MSM Rates

Or rates are always competitive in this market! We provide
various packages for our different web services (bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages) and custom made rates for our video editing services. Although there are no hidden costs, we are unable to display ALL our rates on our site. Why you ask? Some projects are so customized that is designed (and priced) especially for you.

How do we determine our custom rates?

If you do not see what you need in our
bronze, silver, gold, platinum packages, you can download the necessary forms you need to receive a quote. Please note that customization does not always mean more expensive!! If you are really lost, tell us what you were looking to spend and we can tell you what you can “buy” with that amount!

Whichever route you take, we will get back to you within 48 hours. We look forward in hearing from you!
There are many ways to get in touch with us:

Telephone: 1-800-928-1938, extension 1


Need a quote? Either send us a message or download our
quote request form. Fill in as much as you can!

Go through our
Frequently Asked questions to see if your question is answered.