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What do I need to know to build a website?

Go here to read our tips to get you started with either hiring someone (like us) or building one yourself.

How do I get my video footage to you?

There are a few ways to do this, but the best way is in digital format.

Video Footage:
A) By Mail: Send us the original tape or make a copy onto a DVD using Quick time or Real Player. We can help you with this. If you send original footage, this will be returned in it's orginal state.

How long does it take for my order to be ready?

It really depends on you!
-How quickly you can get your order in (sending us photos/video footage),
-deciding on what specific things you want in the package,
-how hard it is to get your items, and which service you are requesting (express or standard delivery).
Standard time: 
2-3 weeks for video (could vary depending on length of video)
Various times for website
Times may vary based on time of year (i.e. Holidays can be hectic!). If you would like it rushed delivery, no problem, just let us know and pay an extra fee for rushed processing (fee varies per order).

What are your rates?

We have competitive prices for our Web Design and Video Editing services. Go to the respective pages to find out more information or contact us.

How do I pay?

Great question! Glad you asked! You have many options to pay!
A) Pay by pay pal (we can show you how to create a pay pal account if you like)
B) Certified Check or Money Order Mailed Directly to us or our bank
C) cash :(

Please see the
Terms and Conditions for more information about payment.

When do I pay?

You can always pay in full at anytime, but we have made payment plans easy for you. However if you pay in full at time of order for video editing , a discount will apply!

Please see the
Terms and Conditions for more information about payment.

Is there a "grace period" to cancel when I place my order?

When the order is placed, you have a 24 hours (or until we start) to get a full refund of your 25% deposit. Once the order is started, refunding "service" is difficult to do, therefore your 25% deposit will be withheld. Once the order is completed, this service is non-refundable.  If the customer is unsatisfied, we will continue work with you to get everything to your standard.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

No Problem! Depending on what it is! We'll be sad that we didn't satisfy you in our first try, but we will be more then happy to work on it again with your specific guidance on what you would like amended, at no extra charge.

What if I want additional copies of my DVD after I have fulfilled my order?

No problem! We keep your movie on file for 6 months and before we delete it, we send you an email making sure you are done with it.  If you want additional copies, they are just $20 plus shipping and handling!

Can you deliver videos to different locations?

Absolutely! We'll just add shipping and handling to your order.

What if I have a ton of questions or concerns, will I actually get a person?

Since we are family home owned business we are here to help you step by step. Or you can leave it totally up to us. We will be available through email OR if you send us a request, we will call you when it is convenient for you. 1-800-928-1938 or

What are the terms and conditions of our agreement?

Multiple Streams Media has a Term's and Conditions policy which should be read upon agreement.

What is your privacy policy?

Multiple Streams Media has a Privacy Policy which should be read upon agreement.